Ilkley is a 33 acre property, named after the Yorkshire Moor where Carol spent her youth. Just 11km north of Mudgee as the crow flies, Ilkley is barely on the outskirts of town by country standards. In fact all cottages look down the valley to the town, and the nest of distant lights at night completes the feeling of being away from the cares of the madding crowd. We have encouraged native critters over the years, with a local family of kangaroos, and birds ranging from a resident pair of Little Eagles to Magpies, Owls, Blue Wrens, Yellow Robins, various honey eaters, parrots and many less common fowl. As with any wild animals we cannot guarantee they will deign to visit you.

Common features

All of our cottages have been designed and decorated by us, and each is different within the broad category of Australian country style. The common theme is the use of farmhouse style antique furniture and recycled timber. All have wood fires for romance and warmth, backed up by reverse cycle air-con for frosty Mudgee mornings.

The air-con similarly backs up the ceiling and pedestal fans in the occasional summer heatwave. Each kitchen is equipped for cooking, and it's surprising the number of guests who go into town to buy ingredients for a romantic candle lit dinner at home, rather than take advantage of our excellent deal with Blue Wren restaurant.

The cooking thing also extends to the wood fired BBQ and outdoor setting at each cottage. Cottages are stocked with three cereals, milk, juice, tea (leaf and bags), coffee (instant and ground), home baked bread (usually), and a bowl of fresh fruit. As well as condiments, sauces, jams etc, and a bottle of local port or some similar tipple open on the sideboard. (much better than a glass of champagne). Bacon and egg breakfasts, home made soup and Mudgee-meat BBQ's are available (see prices and packages).